Huntersville Chamber of Commerce

One of the best ways to get to know other businesses and entities in the Huntersville community and beyond is through the Huntersville Chamber.  This group was formed out of the success of the Destination Roundtable which had the area destinations meeting monthly to develop marketing partnerships.  After nearly three years of meeting, the group knew that their working relationship could easily expand to area businesses.  Working together to take full advantage of the events that happen in and around Huntersville would be greater opportunities for businesses to take advantage of area visitors and the destinations would have greater selling points to their attendees….  Simply put, when there is more going on, there is an increased change of participation.

Huntersville Chamber meetings happen the third Tuesday morning of every month, usually at 8:30 a.m. and at rotating locations. If you are interested in attending, please email me at  Also, make sure to “like” the Huntersville Chamber FB page, to add your business news or events or look for partners.

Some say that matchmaking is a dying profession. Not with Huntersville Chamber.  You’ll develop partners and friendships and absorb new ideas to make what you do a success.


5 thoughts on “Huntersville Chamber of Commerce”

  1. Networking Is A Hassle
    Networking is a hassle – we all know it. As the owner of Crazy Dogz, I sell wieners for a living. This means two fundamental things: I can’t take myself too seriously, and I am forced to network.

    I’ve got to take valuable time out of my schedule, often a few hours. I have to leave the safe confines of my home/place of business. I have to dress appropriately; flip flops and boxer shorts just don’t cut it – it is a job interview after all.

    I’ve got to take time to develop and practice my “elevator speech.” I might even screw it up in front of all those people. Speaking of people, I’ve got to force myself to talk to people I don’t know. I have to practice that face that says I’m friendly and approachable, but I’m not creepy or a hard sell. I may even have to fork over some cash to attend.

    Yep. Networking’s a hassle. But this last week I went to a networking event called Huntersville Connection. First off, it’s free; which is really cool. And speaking of cool, everybody was. We all know why we’re there. We work for a living. And you know what, because of that meeting two days ago, I’m negotiating with at least four businesses in Huntersville to sell Crazy Dogz wieners at their events.

    Yep, networking’s a hassle, but Huntersville Connection sure seems worth it to me!

  2. What a wonderful way to get the word out and bring business owners in the community together. It fosters a feeling of cohesiveness and working together for the benefit of our town. Where are you planning to meet in September?

  3. July’s Huntersville Connection meeting is at Salsarita’s in Rosedale at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, the 19th. A little different format this time….come ready to meet potential partners, share a little about your biz and start preparing for FALL INTO HUNTERSVILLE!!!

  4. Jill, thanks for yet another way for the community to work together! If there is room on the upcoming July agenda, I would love to speak to the group for about 10 minutes on the upcoming North Meck Fall BBQ fund raiser and opportunities for the business community to partner and sponsor and advertise in the event. Thanks for all that you do for Huntersville! David Dworak

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