About Jill Swain

Jill Swain is the first and current Executive Director of the Huntersville Chamber of Commerce, after serving the town of Huntersville as mayor for 4 terms and commissioner for 4 terms..  Prior to entering the public realm, Ms. Swain worked for two decades in direct response advertising.  Her client list has included Save the Children, Baltimore Orioles, Harrah’s Casinos and Resorts, Wachovia, NAACP and more. She has worked in various agencies along the East Coast and with a division of the May Company.

“Public service and advertising have much in common, ” Swain says. “In just about every industry, being the ambassador for the product means offering quality customer service, developing partnerships and staying ahead of the trends. Today, I’m merely continuing my profession to hopefully benefit my town.”


6 thoughts on “About Jill Swain”

    1. Thanks, Shari…I didn’t know which category to look!

      As a K-State grad myself, I think the history of that particular era and that team is fascinating. In fact, Tex Winter thought the entire team should be inducted into the KSU Basketball Hall of Fame. Rated number one by ALL of the polls at the time, K-State has never had another team that generated such national buzz.

      I know that their legacy lives on simply because I am in North Carolina and have been asked if I am related to Don Matuszak (when people learn my maiden name). Personally, I would love for him to get his accolades from KSU while he can appreciate them…..

      Jill Swain

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  1. As usual, very well-said! Think this blog is definitely a good idea. I look at it as the utmost in community service.

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