Thank Goodness for the Good in People…

The week didn’t start off well. In fact, the nasty email I received on Monday set the stage for two days of being down. I’m not proud of the fact that I let the author get to me, but for two whole days I moped and questioned why I even got involved in public service in the first place…

And then I was saved.

life preserver

Saved by the stories of goodness. Rescued from my own woes while attending a funeral of all things, when I watched not the sorrow of loss of life, but the celebration of love and faith and joy for what is ahead. The appreciation for the fight against cancer, the legacy of a continued fight and the number of our community members who came to this family in their hours of need with food, prayers and love.

Standing in the town hall foyer on another day, I greeted a woman from an adjacent county who heard about one of our families who had lost everything when their house burned down. This woman came to deliver a gift card gift card to the family, anonymously…and when I passed the gift along, I found out that the family who has lost everything had contributed many of the donations they couldn’t use to a family of 10 that had been living in squalor, continuing the “pay it forward” philosophy that is ever-present in our community.

And I was honored to speak at a ribbon cutting of a business led by a man who years ago had eleven dollars and a vision and is now employing many people from our community. When I returned from the event, I found a Facebook message from a citizen who said “thank you for all the positive things you share about our community”.

Late last night I received a phone call from one of our fire chiefs…who apologized for calling late and then told me that the firefighters were doing something special and they wanted me to be part of it….  Today at 2 p.m. a convoy of fire, police and rescue vehicles drove to the house of the three year old boy whose cancer has come back with a vengeance and our first responders are determined to put a smile on the face of a child who loves big vehicles. And I got to be a witness.

Carter Dang visit 0214

I started off this blog originally by thinking I would contrast the hateful email I received with the good. But then I realized the point of this entire week: Good always triumphs over evil.

All we have to do is open up our hearts.

snoopy hug

Please send prayers to the Dang family.
Let them feel your love.


Author: jillswain

Former Mayor Chamber of Commerce Exec. Director Advertising consultant Mom and spouse (30 years and counting!) Rec league girls' volleyball coach Champion of all things Huntersville, North Carolina

9 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for the Good in People…”

  1. There will always be someone that is bent on making you look or feel bad. Don’t let them get to you. Hope your weekend is bright.

  2. Your good always is appreciated don’t let the negative in the world get you down. The negative always speak up but the good people always do the good for the love they have for others and not to sound off. Remember the glass of water is always half full!
    Keep up the great job you are doing!


  3. Jill:

    Nice! Glad the positive stuff triumphed for you.

    Hope all is well. I think of you and the rest of the TBC crew now and then – good times! Still here in Southern Cal doing the copywriting/marketing consulting thing, with kids in Charlotte (yep, you’re Charlotte) – son Jeremy, with wife and three kids – and Brooklyn (daughter Julie with one). The distance, of course, is kind of a pain, but we manage to visit in both directions, tho not enough.

    Hope you’ve been getting through your weird winter in reasonably good shape . . .



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    1. I appreciate the times you reveal how vulnerable you are. Your life looks so grand, we need to be reminded of the crud behind the glamour. Mean people make good people feel bad. It is part of being human. Stay positive.
      The good guys do win.

      1. I really am trying to tell others to see the good, too. It is so very easy to fall into the woe-is-me state when there is so much decency around us. And beauty. You always see the beauty, Carol.

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