Huntersville Connection Gives You a Great Sense of What’s Happening Here!

I wish I’d taken a picture of today’s meeting….with the tables lined up to form a rectangle, the clean room smelling of breakfast offerings, and people arriving minute after minute and filling the table seats and seats around the room.

Huntersville Connection. Over two years ago, a much smaller group got together to create the outline for what has become a regular event. A gathering of friends. A collective of local business owners. A great place to find partnerships, develop ideas, discuss possibilities and find people in similar business situations.

Today’s meeting brought fifty attendees. Hosted at Presbyterian Hospital, we were treated to goodies and breakfast and freebies and we all had the chance to update each other on what is going on in the area. As business owners and participants, doesn’t it stand to reason that the more we know about our community, the better we can become as valuable citizens? I know I have recommended OxyMagic for carpet cleaning because I now know Eileen, I think Glenn and Kathy and their Home Helpers business are phenomenal (they just announced they’ll provide a service to bring senior citizens to vote!), the new Musical Minds program, to teach school kids classical music begins this week at Blythe Elementary School and Scott of Little Dreamer Productions is a really good DJ and loves being involved in his community….I’ve got 50 stories to tell about great people and businesses just from today!

We’ve got a great community. Take advantage of it — buy local. Support local. Enjoy meeting your community business partners!


Author: jillswain

Former Mayor Chamber of Commerce Exec. Director Advertising consultant Mom and spouse (30 years and counting!) Rec league girls' volleyball coach Champion of all things Huntersville, North Carolina

2 thoughts on “Huntersville Connection Gives You a Great Sense of What’s Happening Here!”

  1. I absolutely agree and love what you’ve said here. I am proud to work in a community that genuinely embraces business owners, residents, and visitors. We support each other like no other community I’ve ever been a part of.

  2. I agree! I think the turnout was awesome and it is a meeting each month that I am sure not to miss!! Thanks Jill for heading up a great group!

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