Your Business and Huntersville Connection: A Successful Marriage

This weekend I had a sobering conversation with a local resident about an area small business. Both of us are customers of this business and like it very much. And yet, we both agree that it is on the cusp of either success or failure.

No one wants any local business to fail. The proprietors are usually our neighbors, our friends. And yet, if they are handed tools for potential success, and do not grab the tools with both hands, then people begin to realize that their commitment to success is just not there.

I don’t envy anyone who chooses to open a retail business these days:  It is a difficult economy. And yet, I know from personal experience that for many of us, there is an urge to be our own boss, to offer a service or a product to our own town that will be an asset. The goal to spend more time with our family, to call our own shots, to make an impact and become a success of our own making is a goal that many of us may have but are not willing to act upon.

So we cheer for those who have made the step. We watch how they work, how dedicated they are. And we support them, simply because we want their hard efforts to succeed.

In Huntersville, we have the tools for success accessible and free with Huntersville Connection. By simply attending a meeting or two, or utilizing the relationships with other business owners, it becomes easier to share challenges and develop partnerships. Not surprisingly, a new customer audience begins to develop — your attendance lets other business owners know you want their business and you’d like them to pass the word along.

Use the Facebook page, post a question/challenge, share an ad in the local paper or participate in an event…call on another business owner to help with a problem.

Today I am celebrating my twenty-fourth wedding anniversary. Like many married couples, I can say that our challenges have been many. But we married with the understanding that there would be good times and bad times and we would always look forward. We are not unlike a fledgling business…our success as a partnership has been based on our total and complete dedication to the success of our marriage. We have been in it with both feet at all times.

I don’t want any business to not succeed in Huntersville. If you are in it with both feet, then let Huntersville Connection help during those times when you are unsure of your next step. The participants of Huntersville Connection thrive when your business thrives.  Take advantage of their experiences.  And let us all be YOUR cheerleaders.


Author: jillswain

Former Mayor Chamber of Commerce Exec. Director Advertising consultant Mom and spouse (30 years and counting!) Rec league girls' volleyball coach Champion of all things Huntersville, North Carolina

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