What Huntersville “Connection” Really Means….

So yesterday, at the kickoff event for Fall Into Huntersville, Midas Spring Water sold bottles of water, but put koozies with the Blue Harbor Bank name and logo around them.

Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics talked to The Great Frame Up and iPhoto about working together to put framed photos in the halls of HFFA to not only highlight photos of the area, but the show off the quality of framing from The Great Frame Up and to dress up the halls of HFFA.

Butter Bean talked to a local pastor who has wonderful musicians in his church about performing during events.

Foster Frame & Design was able to let more people know of their location, just a short distance from the Town Center.

The Chappell brothers, local students, worked during the entire event and got four hours of community service for their respect schools.

Discovery Place Kids passed out flyers for Rural Hill (who was busy working the first day of the Amazing Maize Maze).

Kids were able to ride on a pony handled by a future Olympian.

A passerby the 32 Flavors Boutique table made a suggestion for the business that may prove to be good for both exposure and profits……

And on a personal note, I was so darn hungry after the event that I drove to Earth Fare, ended up talking to people in the store about why I was so dirty (working the event) and found out that they have businesses in Huntersville — and now have added their names to the email list!

Over 50 businesses participated in the event, and we’re still grappling with figuring out the attendance figures — even with the parking garage in Town Center, people were parking at Huntersville Elementary School and walking up the Gilead to see what was going on.

There is power in partnering. And Huntersville Connection is creating a greater sense of community. Kudos to the Fall Into Huntersville committee. Your efforts over the past several months on this kickoff event were extraordinary and well worth it. What a great day was had by all.


Author: jillswain

Former Mayor Chamber of Commerce Exec. Director Advertising consultant Mom and spouse (30 years and counting!) Rec league girls' volleyball coach Champion of all things Huntersville, North Carolina

3 thoughts on “What Huntersville “Connection” Really Means….”

  1. Thanks Jill for the lovely words……….spread it around…LOL
    I am glad the technique worked for you “babies”.
    See you at Huntersville Connection……………………my favorite meeting!!

  2. Fall Into Huntersville kick off event…….what a great surprise. It was a great turn out and everyone I talked to felt that it will be a good boost to their business. I personally talked to a lot of people all of whom seemed truly interested in my pet sitting and training. I gave out many cards and coupons and am very hopeful for the future. I certainly will mark this on my calendar as an annual event for me to participate in.
    Thanks Jill and all involved for making this a great event for Huntersville.

    1. Ruth, my own dogs jumped on me this morning and I practiced the technique you used yesterday….with success! You exude your love for animals and skill at what you do.
      Plus, you are just such a lovely lady that humans love you, too!

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