Warrior Dash — ARE YOU READY?

On Saturday, August 27th and Sunday, August 28th, nearly 15,000 people will take part in the Warrior Dash at Huntersville’s Rural Hill. Many more will go to Rural Hill as spectators.

These 15,000+ people will come from all over – many of them will drive off I-77 at the Gilead Road exit and PASS RIGHT BY A NUMBER OF HUNTERSVILLE BUSINESSES.

Use this as an opportunity to drive more business into your door. Work with your neighboring merchants to generate attention, excitement, visibility. Think about how to get the attention of passersby:

  • Balloons
  • Music
  • Sidewalk Sales
  • Temporary Signage

Use Huntersville Connection as a clearinghouse for ideas. “Like” the Huntersville Connection Facebook page, subscribe to the blog at www.jillswain.wordpress.com and send your email contact information to HuntersvilleConnection@gmail.com.

 Don’t miss this chance to bring more people to your business on the August 27-28 weekend!


Author: jillswain

Former Mayor Chamber of Commerce Exec. Director Advertising consultant Mom and spouse (30 years and counting!) Rec league girls' volleyball coach Champion of all things Huntersville, North Carolina

3 thoughts on “Warrior Dash — ARE YOU READY?”

    1. You got it, Bob! Also check in on the Huntersville Connection Facebook page. And next weekend the Fall Into Huntersville kickoff happens on Saturday from 10 until 2. Good opportunity to participate or just meet other businesses and potential partners!

  1. Hey Jill,

    I would like be put on the email list for anything happening in Huntersville. Come and get the best massage in your life at Lkn Massage!!

    Thanks, Bob Weir

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