A Prime Example of Community Partnering for Outside Events….

Not long ago, I mentioned that the International Wheelchair Basketball Competition was coming to our area. I also mentioned how so many of our community entities have stepped up to be of assistance.  Let me give you Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics (HFFA) as a prime example.  Here’s an edited version of the “tick list” of things that HFFA will be doing to assist the competition:

  • HFFA will provide a complimentary pass for each athlete giving them complimentary access to our facility for swimming and recreation throughout their stay (July 31st through August 13th). 
  • HFFA will contact Lincoln Charter to see if they might be able to assist with transportation
  • HFFA will reserve our gym for practice on the 8th, 9th and 10th for no charge but any recognition of the center would be greatly appreciated. If possible, we would like to have bleachers set up so that members could watch practices.
  • HFFA has contacted several massage therapists who are interested in volunteering their services for the event and will be reaching out to others. There is additional discussion of providing a block of time at each hotel. We are also looking for a loaner massage table for the German team.
  • HFFA will coordinate attendance at Lake Norman Charter games on the 11th  for our summer campers – their admittance is free. If  interested, we can encourage these campers to bring their parents back for the finals on the 13th – just let us know what the ticket price will be. 
  • HFFA can promote attendance to our summer campers beginning now.  Please send any promotional items you are using to promote ticket sales and post something here in the building for our general membership and on our website.

 Additional ideas from the HFFA Team:

  • HFFA could coordinate scuba and kayaking opportunities in our pools if anyone was interested during down time.
  • If there is practice here, the HFFA café could plan a special meal and/or snacks if the team is interested 
  • HFFA has established two internal contacts for coaches and athletes.  They will handle any questions or needs regarding use of our center.
What does HFFA get out of all of this effort?  Additional perks/experiences for their membership base, publicity for having the international teams at their facility, goodwill with the organizations for whom they are partnering, stronger connections within the community, good relationships with the area hotels, the potential for more events to come to HFFA (which in turn will bring in more visitors and tax dollars), etc.  Smart business thinking.
The Wheelchair Competition coordinator, Mr. Dick Bryant, is still looking for assistance with meals or box lunches.  From Mr. Bryant: 

I appreciate all the town of Huntersville is doing for the tournament.  I have had several opportunities to slip away for lunch boxes or pizza for the athletes on their arrival and departure dates for the teams coming in late evening or leaving at lunch time.  I had hope to get a sponsorship for these box lunches and potential box lunches on the Championship day August 13 for the athletes while they were all at the gym.  I am still searching for potential sponsors for these box lunches.  Any box lunch or pizza connections please let me know.

August 7th– 100 lunch boxes;  100 box lunches for August 14.   August 13 would be 250 box lunches for Championship day.

Okay, Huntersville…if you can help with these lunches, let me sing your praises on this blog!  Contact me:  Jswainsworld@gmail.com.


Author: jillswain

Former Mayor Chamber of Commerce Exec. Director Advertising consultant Mom and spouse (30 years and counting!) Rec league girls' volleyball coach Champion of all things Huntersville, North Carolina

One thought on “A Prime Example of Community Partnering for Outside Events….”

  1. Mayor Swain:

    We are really excited about the NWBA bringing an international event to Huntersville. Our members, guests and summer campers will have a great opportunity to see these amazing athletes in action as they prepare for championship games. Spectators for practices are encouraged and welcomed. What these men and women athletes have overcome and achieved is so inspirational.

    We are most proud to expose our young members and campers to an event that has the capacity to shape their thinking about handicapped people in a most positive way. Personally, I enjoy thinking about how that alone can shape the future of our community.

    Thanks for sending Mr. Bryant our way! We hope the NWBA will bring this event back to our community year after year.


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