International Wheelchair Competition — A Community Effort

In late May, Visit Lake Norman sent out a press release announcing that they had secured the National Wheelchair Basketball Association’s (NWBA) International Tournament of Champions, August 7-14.  Since that time, a number of community members have been working to make sure this event will be a success.

To be honest, I couldn’t tell you the number of people involved thus far. I am very aware that Dick Bryant, NWBA President, has reached out to many in our community and many have responded.  Just last week, Mr. Bryant came to a committee meeting of our Huntersville Connection/Fall Into Huntersville group to talk about his goals for the event.  In the past week, we have helped him reach out for buses, additional gym space, find kids to come participate during practices, get medical checkups for one international women’s team and provide shopping opportunities for a team coming into the country a week ahead of the event.

THIS is what community is all about:  Working together to embrace the international visitors that have chosen our area in which to hold their event. One entity cannot work alone, the contacts and experience of all entities can be meshed together to help make the event a more complete success.  And the people that assist feel an ownership to the event and will pass the word, come to support, encourage others to lend their talents/assistance.

I’m proud to have been a small part thus far in the plans for this event — if it is merely forwarding an email to someone with a connection or introducing two parties to each other for a potential partnership.  And I’m prouder that so many people are getting what Huntersville Connection is all about, and that Huntersville Connection is indeed working.


Note:  Below is a letter/email Dick Bryant sent to a local booster club. All of his requests could be assisted by anyone. If you or your business, entity, non–profit could help out, let us know!


There is an exciting International event coming to Huntersville’s Lake Norman Charter School on August 11-13 which I had hoped to get your booster club involved as a possible fundraiser for your organization.  I have been trying to make contact for several months and hope there is still an opportunity to get your booster club involved as a fundraiser.  The National Wheelchair Basketball Association is hosting the International Tournament of Champions.  The ITOC will have the National Wheelchair basketball Teams from the following countries competing in the tournament; Japan, Netherlands, Canada, USA, Great Britain, Australia and Germany.  There will be 5 women’s and 7 men’s teams competing during the tournament at LN Charter schools.  Travis Dancy with Visit Lake Norman, Huntersville and Cornelius Parks and Recreation have partnered with the NWBA to bring this tournament to the Lake Norman area this August.  The teams will arrive August 7th and will have 3 training days before the tournament.


The Mayor Swain of Huntersville is very excited and involved with the tournament.  If you would take a moment to click on the video linked and read the press releases clinks it will give you an idea of who is the NWBA and wheelchair basketball.  Please contact me since we are planning a good crowd on Saturday for the Championship Day at LN Charte3r HS and want to see if your booster club will want to do the concessions for the booster club?  We have tickets for sale to the tournament to sale and the booster club would keep 50% of the ticket sales too.  It is not to late so please contact me so we can meet and discuss how we can partner on this event?


I appreciate your time and interest.

Dick Bryant


JDQ Sports™ 2011 Wheelin All Star PreGame: Mark Jackson on David Snowden

Here is a clip of the USA women’s team

JDQ Sports™ 2011 Wheelin All Star Post Game: Emmanuel & Jeff Griffin

NWBA International Tournament of Champions August 7-14, 2011—National-Wheelchair-Basketball-Association-Coming-to-Lake-Norman.pdf,newsitem_travel_partner_news.html.


Author: jillswain

Former Mayor Chamber of Commerce Exec. Director Advertising consultant Mom and spouse (30 years and counting!) Rec league girls' volleyball coach Champion of all things Huntersville, North Carolina

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