First Fall Into Huntersville Efforts Began Today!

First of all, thank you to the wonderful people who volunteered for the Fall Into Huntersville campaign committee.  We had our first “organizational” and brainstorming meeting this morning and it is my job to put the recap together. When you have a conference room full of talented people talking about all the potential a three month-long event could have for our area, my recap is going to be a difficult one to accomplish.  It’s difficult to put all the brainpower in one short document!

The net result for those of you who are active participants in Huntersville Connection is that the Fall Into Huntersville event is an opportunity to allow each of you to tie-in your business efforts with the activities at a local destination, so that you gain exposure and we continue to show our citizens and visitors all the amenities — travel, tourism, businesses, historical and facilities — that the Huntersville area has to offer.

We are giving YOU the tools, but we will need you to jump in and help with the construction…for a community-wide effort to help each other.   Fall Into Huntersville will begin on September 1st and will run until Thanksgiving. We will be loading up the website with local information, deals, specials, coupons and contests. Do you have a special program or event, or an idea you’d like to share?  Post it here and we’ll get you in contact with the right people.

Or…want to volunteer?  The time you spend on this can help you get to know potential partners, and customers, in the town.

Let us hear from you!

Today’s attendees:

Nancy Sweet

Chris Churchill

Beth Woodworth

Jeff Fissell

Tammy Rojas

Jane Blackwell

Matt Siegel

Lynda Ferren

Jayne Chiesa

Raquel Crespo

Jill Swain


Author: jillswain

Former Mayor Chamber of Commerce Exec. Director Advertising consultant Mom and spouse (30 years and counting!) Rec league girls' volleyball coach Champion of all things Huntersville, North Carolina

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