Huntersville Connection — June Meeting

You know it’s going to be a good meeting when a guy walks in with chocolate….especially Kilwin’s chocolate!

Today was the June meeting for the Huntersville Connection group and it was a great crowd of over 40 people!  The wonderful thing about Huntersville Connection is that every meeting has new faces and today was no exception. In fact, in the short time that Huntersville Connection has been getting together, our mailing list now exceeds 130 names.  For you all, that’s 130 potential opportunities and/or partners.

Some possibilities that came out of today’s meeting include:

  • The need for sponsors/volunteers/participants for Bear Robinson’s December 3rd 1/2 marathon (Huntersville’s first!). Check out for more info.
  • Exposure opportunities at Huntersville Family Fitness and Aquatics — July 2nd Firecracker 5K, the Kids Triathalon, the Biz Fitness Challenge
  • Huntersville’s School Advisory Committee wants businesses to work with area schools — fundraisers, internships, speakers, proctors. Remember:  The more you are out in the community, you are giving your business free exposure and cultivating audiences!
  • MI-Connection is looking for story ideas
  • Camps at the Latta Equestrian Center, Latta Plantation and other area destinations (remember, camps are a captive audience)
  • Advertising opportunities at LKN and Our Town Cinemas
  • Event exposure at the Energy Explorium
  • Fall Into Huntersville, the autumn showcase of what Huntersville has “going on” needs to include YOUR business or entity. The Fall Into Huntersville committee will meet next week at 8 a.m. Tuesday the 28th at Blue Harbor Bank.

Those of you who are in the service business can also take advantage of these events by offering your service with coupons, exhibits, specials, etc. We all seem to know Ann of Siam simply because she is everywhere!  We are more likely to remember Ann when someone mentions an ache or pain or high stress….

It is important to me that YOU all weigh in here. This blog must be dynamic and involve a give and take and ideas from the members of Huntersville Connection.  Please, add your comments!


Author: jillswain

Former Mayor Chamber of Commerce Exec. Director Advertising consultant Mom and spouse (30 years and counting!) Rec league girls' volleyball coach Champion of all things Huntersville, North Carolina

6 thoughts on “Huntersville Connection — June Meeting”

  1. North Meck Horticulture program’s Fall Plant sale is Oct 15. I think other school clubs plan to have a community activity and a blood drive. Our Poinsettia Sale will be Dec 3. I know that is a busy day with the parade but we have had the sale on that day for years. Our Big Annual Spring Sale is April 21. Hopefully we will have better weather. Let me know if anyone has any ideas to better involve the community in these activities.

    1. What a great idea. As a Huntersville resident since 1991; I have seen the sign on Beatties Ford Rd and that’s all I know about Midas Spring Water. I would like to visit your facility. I’m guessing you won’t be showing RO equipment to filter LKN water like Desani.

  2. Great meeting. Huntersville Connection is a great idea. This was my first time and I will go again when I can make it. I feel that this may be a very good vehicle for me to jump start my dog training business and help get the word out about my pet sitting. Thanks to everyone that put this together.

  3. Birkdale Village has also put together affordable sponsorship packages for local business to take advantage of our signature events like July 4th, National Night Out, Halloween Festival, Santa Arrival and more!!! Contact Raquel via email at for more details.

  4. Quick update: Fox and Hound just mentioned that their business seems to go up by 25% after hosting an event like Huntersville Connection. That’s huge! Who is up for hosting August and September?

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