Historic Wedding At Rural Hill – Saturday, June 4

The Wedding of 1761 at Historic Rural Hill

Come help the staff and volunteers of Historic Rural Hill as they celebrate the very special 250th anniversary of the June 2, 1761 wedding of John Davidson and Violet Wilson.

John and Violet were the founders of the Rural Hill site and provided the home for one of the most powerful families in Mecklenburg County’s early history.

Join us as we celebrate this special occasion with a very unique reenactment.
The wedding of 1761

Starting at 11:00, this free community history event will reenact the June 2, 1761 wedding of John Davidson and Violet Wilson by “wedding” Savannah Barnett, 14, and Harry Phillips, 23. Jim Williams, a well known area historian, reenactor, and book binder will portray the Presbyterian minister who would have wed the couple.

The service will strive to be as historically accurate as possible and is being planned by Miriam Smith of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and Tina Brown, another Hopewell area historian and routine consultant to Historic Rural Hill. Also involved are Hugh Sherrill of CPCC, and Ann Williams, yet another area historian.

Mr. Williams will be reading from a copy of a 1722 Form of Marriage taken from The Book of Common Order. This would have been the standard service at the time and contains some interesting passages and customs, including some which survive in today’s common ceremonies.
The Celebration Continues at 12:00

as all participants and visitors proceed to the Historic Rural Hill cabin grounds to finish out the day in colonial fashion, interacting with colonial wood, metal, and fiber workers. Militia units, demonstrators of life skills, animals, and more will also be on hand for your enjoyment! Step into the cabin and out of time to see how a typical family would celebrate a wedding with cake, sweets, and their best china! Take a walk on our peaceful 5k trail, wandering through forest, field, and skirting beautiful Mountain Island Lake.

Want to take a load off? Sit back and relax as you take a 30 minute hayride around the farm for only $2 per person!

We will have plenty of tables set up for your picnicking convenience, and grounds will be open until 4:00.

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Visit our website at www.ruralhill.net for further details on these events and more!

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